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Abstract PHP's code with PEAR::DB

Analogs of Windows Software in Linux

El evangelio de Tux (spanish)

Introduction to HTML_QuickForm

The Vi editor

Graphics with Turbo C++

The ftp manual

Installing the Apache Server

How to convert with Latex to PDF file

Configuring Samba.

A basic program in gtk+


Introduction to Network security

How to Print Screen with yast.

The DNS Howto's


The Information Technology as competitive strategy for PyMEs.

The PHP Extension and Application Repository

A Tutorial for HTML_QuickForm


What is the impact of Free software in the Organizations and in the Goverment

Free software in the Government

Introduction to Linux

Database Security in MySQL

Stocastics Model for inundations


Administration and Configuration.
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Analogs of Windows Software in Linux.

One of the biggest difficulties in migrating from Windows to Linux is the lack of knowledge about comparable software. Newbies usually search for Linux analogs of Windows software, and advanced Linux-users cannot answer their questions since they often don't know too much about Windows.


Web BrowserInternet Explorer, Netscape / Mozilla, Firefox Netscape / Mozilla, Galeon, Konqueror, Firefox, Nautilus, Links, Lynx
Email clientOutlook Express, Netscape / Mozilla, Thunderbird, The Bat. Evolution, Netscape / Mozilla/Thunderbird, Kmail, Gnus, Gnumail.
News ReaderAgent [Prop], Free Agent, Xnews, Outlook, Netscape / Mozilla, Opera [Prop]. Knode, NewsReader,Netscape / Mozilla, Opera [Prop], Mutt.
Sites downloadingTeleport Pro, Httrack, Wget. Httrack, Wget (console, standard). GUI: Kmago, QTget, Xget, Downloader for X, XSiteCopy, Khttrack.
FTP clientsCuteFTP, WSFTP, SmartFTP, FileZilla, ftp.exe. Ncftp, Gftp, Konqueror, KBear, Nftp.
IRC ClientsMirc, Klient, XChat Xchat, KVirc, BitchX, Ksirc.
Instant Messaging clientsICQ Lite, ICQ Corp, MSN, AIM, Yahoo. AIM, aMSN, GnomeICU (ICQ), Gaim. (Nearly all IM protocols), Ayttm. (Nearly all IM protocols), Kopete, Simple Instant Messenger.
Video/audio conferenceNetMeeting GnomeMeeting, vat/vic/wb, NeVoT.
IDSBlackICE, Agnitum Outpost Firewall, Tripwire [prop], Kerio Personal Firewall. Snort, Portsentry / Hostsentry / Logsentry, Tripwire [GPL], Tripwall, AIDE.
Work with sshPutty, Irlex, cygwin + ssh. Kssh, ssh / openssh, GTelnet (Telnet, SSH, Rlogin).
Protocols analysing, sniffingSniffer Pro, EtherPeek (TokenPeek, AiroPeek), Windump, Ethereal, MS Network Monitor, Iris, Lan Explorer, NetSniffer, Snort. Ethereal, Tcpdump, Etherape, Ntop, Snort.

System Software:

Text EditorNotepad, WordPad, TextPad, Vim, Xemacs. Vim, Emacs, Nano (It's a free implementation of pico), joe.
Viewing PDFAdobe Acrobat Distiller, GhostView. Acrobat Reader[Prop], Xpdf, GV, GhostView.
Creating PDFAdobe Acrobat Distiller, GhostView, Ghostscript. ps2pdf command, PDFLatex, Ghostscript, Tex2Pdf, GhostView.
System configurationControl Panel, Msconfig, RegEdit, WinBoost, Customizer XP, X-Setup, Config NT. setup (Red Hat), xf86config, xf86cfg, Linuxconf, Drakeconf, Webmin, yast (SuSE), sysinstall (FreeBSD).
Backup softwarentbackup (standard), Legato Networker [Prop]. Disk Archive, Bacula, dump / restore. (console, standard), Amanda (console).
Program for logs viewingEvent Viewer (built-in) Xlogmaster, Analog, Fwlogview. (firewall).

2005 - Farid A. Bielma Lopez

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